Eisenberg-Eliash Investor Relations and Public Relations

The Eisenberg-Eliash firm is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of Investor Relations and Public Relations. The firm is led by its two founders, Mr. Amir Eisenberg and Mr. Shai Eliash and currently represents about 100 of Israel's leading companies and business organizations. (To view a list of selected clients click here)


Since its founding, the firm has viewed the combination of investor relations and public relations as a winning combination, providing substantial added value to its clients. This is also the source from which the company’s website domain is derived (www.pr-ir.co.il).


The Eisenberg-Eliash team has many years of accumulated experience in the fields of investor relations and public relations. It also enjoys a profound knowledge of the capital market and of investors, of contacts within the economic and financial press and of both the written and electronic media outlets.

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